Teen Agree Upon Driving

I happen to be a competent 14 . I believe that the driving age should be lowered, because already s have to take a test and a class to get their driver’s

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Family of teen paralyzed by ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch in drunk driving paid $2 million settlement from his parents. The family of Ethan Couch, 17, – the Texas teen

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For parents of teen drivers. Having a teen who’s learning to drive can be an exciting and stressful time. It’s that balance of giving them some independence, keeping

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drivers, and even older ones, cause many fatal accidents; raising the minimum age at which people can drive might reduce this, but is it a benefit to society

Driving Lessons is a 2006 British dramedy film written and directed by Jeremy Brock. The plot focuses on the relationship between a shy teenaged man and an ageing

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Most of us will agree that people shouldn’t be sending text messages while driving. How can you prevent your teen from text messaging while driving?

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Since 1999, EXCEL Driving Instruction, Inc. has been offering first- rate training to develop life-long habits of safe driving to prospective drivers in Valparaiso

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Drink driving teen who killed four is spared jail ‘because he’s rich’: Judge lets ‘spoiled’ man facing 20 years off with probation after lawyers blame his wealthy parents

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